We offer language assistant services for your company:

  • Language teaching
  • Translation services
  • Linguistic consultations here and now

Our offer for you:

  • Courses and classes under conditions that suit you the most
  • Business, professional, and specialised language programmes
  • Testing, consulting, and simulations
  • Translation, editing, and localisation
  • • Assistance in writing texts, preparing presentations, and organising conversations in foreign languages

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  • Respond to your inquiries within the next hour
  • Perform each service under the conditions that suit you best
  • Ensure fixed price rates
  • Have something to offer even if the order is small


  • We will present the language services we provide
  • We will discuss the company’s specialisation and your expectations
  • Together we will design an offer for a language course that is tailored to you, with a unique learning method and content


After the presentation, we will also give a 10% discount on a one level course for the language of your choice (avg. 40 academic hours)!

Language courses
Translation and text editing
Testing, consulting, and simulations

Targeted foreign language learning is an integral part of every company wishing to branch out abroad. We offer courses where we will seek benefit for your company together with double value: did you know that raising the personal competencies of your employees is an effective incentive that motivates one to achieve better results in the company’s activities?

We promise mutual benefit to you and your employees: avoiding a routine and being encouraged by the larger goals of a company will offer your team members a qualification-raising activity that results in motivated professionals and international partnerships!

What does a class for companies look like?

  • The duration, intensity, methods and content of each lesson and the whole course is adapted to the needs of the company
  • Intensive, consistent and distance learning in a group
  • Individual lessons in person and remotely
  • Self-learning programmes
  • Classes in unconventional environments: classes by phone, distance classes, off-site courses
  • Kartu sukursime jums pritaikytą kalbos kursų pasiūlymą su unikaliu mokymosi metodu ir turiniu

Choose one or more foreign language classes:

*Inquire about other languages individually.

We asked our clients what would be the most important criteria by which they would choose a translation partner. The answer was unanimous – working pace, flexibility in urgent cases and variety of translated texts.

As is known, various foreign languages are slowly changing: language culture, grammar and vocabulary are updated and adapted to the needs of the users. In this regard, language education institutions have a competitive advantage in the field of translation. Our specialists refresh their knowledge regularly in order not only to provide the most up-to-date information for their students, but also to carry out translations of the highest quality, which are edited for final use by native speakers!

  • There is no minimum number of characters for translation!
  • We accept texts of any kind: translation of technical or specialised language, depending on your needs
  • You can choose a translation service with professional native speaker editing
  • We accept urgent translation orders
  • Translation localisation
  • Translation approval
  • Urgent translations up to 1700 characters within several hours
  • Urgent translations up to 7 pages within 1 day

We’ve noticed that rapidly developing businesses and the labour market have increased the need for standardised native language specialists. Today, refreshing one’s computer literacy skills is discussed a lot more, but linguistic literacy, which contributes significantly to the overall image of the company in the market, should not be forgotten either.

For these reasons, we would strive to become your personal language assistant at any time of the day!
Language assistant services are unique!

  • We provide consultations on the use of the chosen foreign or Lithuanian language virtually (online or by phone) and in person
  • We offer regular or one-time Lithuanian language literacy and editorial courses for your employees
  • We enable you to carry out the text editing that your company needs – this way you won’t have to hire any additional specialists

No more uncomfortable moments when trying to find the words or looking them up in a dictionary while negotiating with your next major business partner!

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